About the Artist


Colorado Watercolor Artist

Like any serious painter, I have experimented with the idea of painting for a living. I know, and greatly respect folks who have put in the time and effort to actively promote and sell their art as a livelihood. For me, however, my day job with the Denver Water Department provided me with a living and the time to paint what I wanted, when I wanted. My painting has continued to improve over the years precisely because it didn’t have to pay the bills. And, albeit I am a  “Sunday painter”, aka an amateur painter, I am as well a serious painter with a life-long commitment to continuous learning and improvement that has been rewarded with many informal sales over the years that have paid for my Arches paper and Winsor & Newton paint.

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MARCH - MAY 2021

The Collective Community Arts Center

Laffyette, CO

14x10#6a fraser river_edited.jpg