Welcome to a Nifty Way to Support Non-Profits?

I would  love for you to acquire and enjoy some of the art I have made over the last 40+ years. I would also love for you to give to a non-profit that is meaningful to you, or find one that is. I am not taking money in transaction for my paintings-  all I ask is that you make a cash donation equal to the value of your chosen painting to your favorite non-profit, in lieu of paying me for my work directly.

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Message Mike here to reserve a painting and arrange pick up

Go to my house at 1933 east 23rd avenue in Denver. Just inside the gate on the left is a gray suitcase.  I will put your painting inside.  

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When you get to my gate, come on in.  Grab the suitcase and open it up right there. Find your painting, and leave any other paintings you may find inside.  Feel free to text me at 970 531 1467,  or go to the door and ring the bell.  I would love to visit, but this routine is designed to make this transfer not dependent on synchronizing our schedules. I will let you know by email when I have retrieved your picture, and when I can get it into that gray suitcase.  You can pick it up when it is convenient for you.  

I know that coming all the way to my house might prove problematic.  We can work something out.  If you want one of the really big paintings (Please) we have to meet face to face because there are to big for the suitcase. 

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