The Art of Supporting Non-profits

My Mission

It has become my mission to financially support non-profit organizations through my artwork. I would  love for you to acquire and enjoy some of the art I have made over the last 40+ years. I would also love for you to give to a non-profit that is meaningful to you, or find one that is. I am not taking money in transaction for my paintings-  all I ask is that you make a cash donation equal to the value of your chosen painting to your favorite non-profit, in lieu of paying me for my work directly.

The Art of Catch and Release

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after."

-Henry David Thoreau

I often find myself sitting in a small camp chair beside a mountain trout stream, painting. ​

People that are fly fishing come by and give me a funny look, or sometimes a nod.​

I know that we are there seeking the same thing, the same experience: to be in flow, in nature.

For them, catching is the only reward. They catch and release. For me, painting is the same.

Am I there to make a painting or to just paint?

I can't help holding on to the paintings. Otherwise, it's littering.